Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Summer Bucket List | 2018

{go to the lake}
This is one of our favorite summer activities. Wake up early, pack a lunch and head to Chelan
for the day. The kids never want to leave. We always go on a weekday to avoid
overcrowding and the empty lake shore makes for amazing pictures too

{visit Slide Waters}
The kids LOVE the water slides and with Austin being a little
bit bigger this year, its going to be a blast! We pack a lunch and go during the week
 to avoid long lines at the slides. Its one of our favorite summer activities.

{stay in our pj's all day}
This one will be easy for mama. Ha! Some summer days are best spent inside, in pj's, lazy, in front
of the TV. Maybe we'll build a fort in the living room and watch movies all day?

{play with sparklers}
Last year Gracie was a little intimidated by sparklers, intrigued but intimidated.
This year I have a feeling she will be all about it. Her brother on the other hand, we will
just say a prayer that he doesn't light the house on fire. Ha!

{blow bubbles}
Two years ago I invested in a bubble blower, best $10 I've ever spent.
We love turning it on and filling the backyard with bubbles. The kids run around
popping the bubbles as fast as they can. Simplicity is my favorite as a mother.

{sidewalk chalk}
If I'm lucky they will decorate the front porch, walkway and driveway. If they continue
to do what they've done in years past, they will decorate the house. Either way, its a fun summer
activity that we all enjoy. We move the cars and let them color their hearts out.

{see a movie in theater}
Its been over a year since we attempted our first theater experience. That was Cars 3
and the kids were entertained for about 3 quarters of the movie. So were excited
to give it another go. Popcorn, snuck in snacks, and juice boxes!

{picnic at the park}
Packing a lunch and taking my babies out to play is one of my favorite things, even
if they try to only eat the treats and skip out on the sandwiches.

{pajama run tradition}
This has become one of my favorite summer traditions & I secretly hope my kids continue
it long into the teenage years! Summer days are long, and after my kids have their evening bath I like
to get them in their pj's and take them outside for one last run to soak up the last little bit of daylight.

{camp out in the backyard}
Confession: We've never taken our kids camping. Which is crazy because Andy and I both love
to go camping. We're just not sure we're ready to take on two toddlers in uncharted territory.
So were testing out the waters in the backyard. The kids will love it.

{watch fireworks from our roof}
Last 4th of July Andy discovered that we have a pretty fantastic view of the city fireworks
from the roof of our house, so this year we plan to take blankets and pillows up there
and watch the show with the kiddos.

{swim at night}
The "big pool" goes up this week! Which means my bathroom will forever be filled with
wet swim suits. Can't wait to string some patio lights out back and let the kids take their
first night swim! They will think that is so fun!

{visit the zoo}
We haven't been to the zoo since Austin was an infant and Andy has been itching to go ever
since. Now that Gracie and Austin both can recognize so many different animals we
thought that this would be the perfect time to take them back.

{go bowling as a family}
Preferably on a day where the temperature is in triple digits, we thought it would be fun to
escape the heat and take the kids bowling. Austin LOVES it and Gracie is competitive
so it should be a fun day for all of us.

{fly kites}
Bring on a windy day! The kids have only ever flown a kite one time and it was a tiny kite that
didn't give them the full effect, so I'm excited to buy them a cheap kite and let them fly it themselves.

{play flashlight tag}
Lately my kids have developed a flashlight OBSESSION. They ask to play with
them all. of. the. time. So I've decided it would be fun to buy them their own and surprise them
with a late bedtime and exciting game of flashlight tag in the backyard once the sun goes down.8

{go to a fair}
We took the kids to the Evergreen State Fair last year and it was an amazing day filled with fair food, face painting, carnival rides, ice cream and animals. We can't wait to go back this year and watch Austin enjoy the rides for the first time!

{family water balloon fight}
My kids were introduced to water balloons this summer, but we haven't gotten past the concept
of just throwing them on the ground and watching them splatter everywhere. So Andy and I intend to show the kids what they were really intended for! No Mercy! Ha.

{random act of kindness}
Buying coffee for a stranger, giving flowers to a friend, leaving a small gift card on someones car. Its important that I teach my children the basis for selfless kindness. Its one thing to see kindness but its another to make sure they engage in it themselves.

{ice cream at Owl Soda Fountain}
One of our favorite summer spots! The kids have a blast choosing their ice cream flavor, and then ultimately eating the ice cream that mom and dad got for themselves.

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